Good People: Anna Karina

We all know and love the work of French New Wave director, Jean-Luc Godard - but I think what made his movies so iconic were his actors. The characters that Godard created were so innovative at the time, and have since left a very lasting impression. Godard probably didn't expect his characters to become fashion icons by their very chic, and casual attire and satirical attitudes. One of my favorites, starring in a significant amount of his films, ( and probably a favorite to many others as well ) is Anna Karina. She is perfect. The way she casually carries guns through her kitchen in a beret in 'Pierrot le Fou' and eats her boyfriends flesh in 'Weekend'. The heavy eye-liner, poofy hair, and striped shirts she sports on camera is always worn in perfection. Below are some of my favorite iconic photos of her:

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Anna Karina fan said...

Wow, these are great! She looks so innocent with a cigarette and a gun! I'd love to see some colour pictures of her, though.

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