Sucker for Trends

The eclectic trends of spring have again bursted out in all fashion magazines, and like always, I have fallen victim to loving several of them. The few I see now are pig-tails (the childish messy side-part from Prada's runway) and white eyeliner. But there are definitely a couple I will stray away from - the disappearing eyebrow and clogs! Mainly I was in love with Prada's shows, her sci-fi inspired line incorporates surreal prints and illusionistic cuts.

And of course the buttery leather trend is something to love. Below are examples of perfect spring outfits. The leather is all light weight, making it appropriate for spring's weather. From left to right: Celine dress, Alexander Wang AMAZING lamb skin shorts, and top by 3.1 Phillip Lim:

And I'm definitely into the double-demin look, chambray jumpsuits, and underwear as outerwear:

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