Oh, Kate

 Kate Moss, July 2000 from Nova magazine.
 sculpture by YBA Marc Quinn

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A Reunion for the Irascible

Pollock ( I do recommend going to this website - make your own Pollock!)
 The Museum of Modern Art’s Abstract Expressionist New York glorifies the words of Robert Coates. When his 1936 New Yorker article circulated, where he coined “Abstract Expressionist” in describing the works of Willem de Kooning, Arshile Gorky, and Jackson Pollock, an art movement was born. Today, artists associated with this style are forever claimed pioneers of Abstract Expressionism.
Whatever names used, Action Painters, American Type Painters, The New York School, Abstract Expressionists, there is no doubt that this movement altered the direction of modern art, making the MoMA’s showcase a perfect fit. Floors two, three, and four hold the works of artists who were either directly or indirectly involved with the movement, which spanned mainly from the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s.
There is an overwhelming sense of national pride in this show, and with its bold title, a sense of local pride. These artists put America on the map. Until this breakthrough only European artists, dripping with fresh, Cubist paint, were being shown in New York galleries and museums.
Abstract Expressionist New York reminds us of that pinnacle time in the art world when an artistic manifestation of freedom of speech was expressed. This movement of revolt stemmed from artists finding inspiration internally, thus visually expressing themselves in an unconventional manner.
The MoMA makes us step back from all preconceived notions of Abstract Expressionism. The grandiose formal and contextual techniques of the movement are already known, and have been regurgitated over and over again, but this exhibit showcases the inevitable impact these works have on their viewers.
What have the Abstract Expressionists done to us? These artists are prolifically exhibited, and MoMA’s exhibit brings them together like a high school reunion. The exhibit essentially allows viewers to reevaluate Abstract Expressionism, because we needed to forget to appreciate - believe to see them again.
 People stand in wonderment, as if waiting for a painting to say something, give a clue. The latter could be the hand prints of Pollock that appear in the upper right corner of Number 1A, 1948 [1948], which one woman pointed out all too well. Her observation made the crowd buzz and tentatively inch closer.
But not all Abstract Expressionists dripped paint onto their canvases, there are various subdivisions of the movement, the two most prominent being color field and gestural. The former including Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, and Clyfford Still, and the latter; Hans Hoffman, Pollock, and de Kooning.
This exhibit maps the evolution of Abstract Expressionism. By walking through each gallery and then up another flight of stairs, viewers are physically and mentally climbing through an artistic matrix. Through this aesthetic journey, viewers are gradually able to encompass the spirit of the artists, which was expressing a more personal vision of contemporary culture.
Viewers leave this exhibit dripping with hazy blocks of color spinning through their minds. The MoMA’s overachieving attempt to display the passion of this movement is thoroughly understood. The exhibit displays a deluge of works to stress the power of Abstract Expressionists.
For these artists, to believe was to see. They stretched aesthetic boundaries and  “broke the ice”(quoting how Willem de Kooning once described Jackson Pollock’s work).
In time, one must visit and revisit the exhibit, and follow the artists’ understanding that believing is seeing. Their work is product of their beliefs. To digest the work is to trust it, and through this submerged relationship, viewers are able to see the meaning behind Abstract Expressionist New York.


 de Kooning in studio


From the adorable and amazing swedish blond blogger Kling, I have found my winter coat...no matter how many pennies will need to be pinched, squeezed, WHATEVER, I will get this coat:
oversized with batwing sleeves and 100% wool from Acne
suede shoes by Repetto from one of my new favorite sites to shop from and soon go to, Creatures of Comfort

and finally the Stine Goya Landscape Coat from SURPRISINGLY.....Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is finally going through puberty but is starting to act like Opening Ceremony, which they will never actually be able to compete with. UO has been a great surprise the past month for me. The other day online, looking through the usual rudimentary lookbooks and cheap leather shoes, I came across this amazing cape...and then I looked at the price, over $600 - I thought it was a mistake. 

UO has added a whole new roster of 'cutting edge' (for UO) designers with a surprisinly good selection of clothing. Some of the designers include Wood Wood, Carin Wester, and A.P.C., all of which I would never ever associate with UO. But my opinion has changed, and am currently stocking up on clothing that is finally decent but still  cost friendly

Good Guys

Some favorite photos:

Photograph by Greg Kadel, shot Lara Stone

photogrpah by Dan Busta
 photograph by Mishu Vass

photograph by Denis Darzacq

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Francesco Clemente with Alighiero e Boetti 

Blinky Palermo

LimeLight: Alex Prager

I feel slightly embarassed that I had to discover this AMAZING photographer in the plastic fantastic drama, nip tuck (all her photos were hung all around the office of mcnamara/troy) BUT I am grateful that I googled for long enough to find out who took the photographs. Her work is carfeully staged and styled in the perfect amount. They look like  modern movie stills, an upgraded version of cindy sherman. My favorites are below, check out her wesite:

oohh abbey

abbey lee in vogue germany...how does she always look so good? im still terribly jealous that she was photographed by richard prince, i want to be sexually exploited too! (not too brooke shields style though)

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It is the bum that will bring us togetherr....

Spencer Tunick's nude art installation, which involves 5,000 butts in front of an opera house- read more here

Model as Muse

Kate Moss even holds her status as a muse in the art world - Moss keeps on showing us that she is more than a vapid, skinny model.The images below are all by esteemed artists:
-first image is the icon wearing the recognizable signature of Warhol by Banksy
-second image is by great British artist, Tracey Emin
- third image is by amazing figurative artist, Lucian Freud
-forth image is by Chuck Close

some barbara kruger influence for you, she should totally have a twitter....

Art du Jour

"Flowers on Body" by Ana Mendieta

 "My Egypt" by Charles Demuth

"The Cyclops" by Odilon Redon

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Image du Jour

Hoppy Easter

'Ascension of Christ' (1510-1520) by Garofalo

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